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Surprising as it may sound, but interaction between brands and consumers was only a one-way traffic till now as most brands had no mechanism to see their customers. But with the advent of social media platforms, it is now possible for brands to engage directly with their customers and dispel any misconceptions their target customers may have about their product or service.


At Uniqueweb Technologies, we believe that brands can capture marketshare and mindshare, if they are constantly connected to their target audience. This helps brands keep their nose to the ground and sense any shifts in consumer preferences before the competition does.


Unlike our competition, our social media initiatives do not aim to improve the web presence of a brand, our ultimate aim is lead generation so that your social media platforms are not just an extension of your brand but actually turn out to be cash generation machines.


Round the clock initiatives are taken to ensure that any negative comment is actively defended and if possible purged from the system or asked to be taken down so that it does not affect the brand adversely. Platforms like Twitter are also used to inform viewers about the various initiatives being taken by the brand.

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