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PPC Management or Pay-per-click Management as it is widely known is a commonly used internet advertizing model to drive traffic to a particular website. As per the pay-per-click model of business, advertizes pay the website owner only when an ad is clicked.


This robust business model allows advertizers to bid on certain selected keywords that are relevant to their business and exert tight control on their advertizing budgets. With our recognized expertise in pay –per-click management businesses both big and small will be able to accomplish the following objectives

ü Draw visitors to their portal

ü Convert visitors into customers

ü Improve retention rate of clients

ü Tap markets across geographies

ü Control advertizing spends rigorously



In order to catch surfers wherever they are, we help marketers develop a strong affiliate marketing program that offers monetary incentives to affiliates that offer a purchase-point click-through to the merchant. Being a performance based model, advertizers pay only when an affiliate is able to drive sales.



At Uniqueweb technologies, PPC Management has been our forte since inception and you only need to try us out just once to see the difference we can make to your internet marketing campaign.

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