Mailer Design

Mailers are something that you send to your customers for spreading more information about the new products and services that you have launched or for helping them order products and trails via traditional mail.


It is by far the oldest means of marketing a product or service and to design effective mailers, you need to have an attractive design, compelling copy and a thought flow behind the whole process that will get the right response from the user.


Mailers when they first emerged on the marketing landscape were quite a clutter breaking marketing tool and attracted instant attention. Though the same kind of mailers have now moved to the electronic format and are now sent to thousands of users in one stroke in order to attain the highest ROI on marketing spends.


When it comes to designing effective mailers, both these elements: Copy and design reinforce themselves perfectly and a minimalistic approach helps in getting it right. Mailers quite often make the mistake of being too bulky or including too many items in one page. What we advocate is that the top selling products of your business should get the maximum attention as they have the capability of attracting the maximum business from your core audience.

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